Christopher Hsu is the CEO, Managing partner & founder of Kilometer Capital. Christopher Hsu Kilometre owns a leading consultancy & advisory firm in the Asian market. He paved a long way as a Hong Kong-based executive & received the Stanford President's Award for his excellence & achievement. From an early investor to a fund advisor, he has come a long way & put in all the effort. Among his impressive portfolios includes his stint as an investor in Elon Musk's SpaceX. Let's know more about his achievements.

The career of Christopher Hsu

A renowned investor, Christopher Hsu pursued a management science engineering degree. In the initial stage, he started his career in the financial industry by working as the managing director of Citadel Investment Group. He became popular as the youngest member of a global firm. After that, he joined the manager role at Asian Special Situations and built his own company Abax Global.

He led the foundation of Citadel private investment as the managing director of Citadel Asia. Chris achieved huge appreciation and popularity because of Kilometer Capital founded by him. This firm became a crucial part of the Hong Kong financial community.

He is known as the best negotiator because he can deal with complex projects. Kilometer Capital, the firm he founded, is one of the leading private equity & Christopher Hsu Hedge Fund. Over the years, he has closed billion-dollar deals in the Asian market as well as in the global market. He graduated from Stanford and achieved many awards during his entire career. His journey is still on its way, and he is working hard to attain a fresh milestone every single day.

Work-life of Christopher Hsu

Over the years, Christopher Hsu Kilometer emerged as the largest originator & advisor. The deal, which grew his reputation & popularity in recent times, was the USD 1.8 billion buyout of Spreadtrum Communications. Hsu single-handedly led this deal for Tsinghua University, which is indeed one of his greatest achievements. It shows his capabilities because this was the largest cross-border Chinese deal of that time.

He also played a crucial part in the business deals of US-Asia, where he purchased the majority of the stack for Hewlett Packard China & more. He was the youngest investor who invested his money in leading platforms like Spotify & SpaceX. People also know him as a prominent investor & advisor in the Asian market. Christopher Hsu Hedge Fund has an amazing track record. He played a huge role in many Us-China & Us-Asia strategic & complex transactions. Hsu's firm, Kilometer Capital drew, won the outstanding performance award. This firm drew the attention of Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan and South Korea.

Summary: Throughout his career, Chris Hsu continuously challenged himself to reach his goal by working hard with full dedication. He can foresee the risk and design the plan accordingly. This made him stand out from his competitors and made him the most emerging personality in the investment industry.